The Platform Group is working to preserve city centres and thus save jobs. Many local retailers are confronted with an uncertain future because they are being pushed out of pedestrian zones by large retail chains and see their customers drifting away into the online world. Survival in such a competitive environment is difficult. The Platform Group AG helps local retailers to present their level of expertise and their product range online and sell their goods in over 20 countries. That way local retail and its respective jobs are secured – for a city centre worth living in.

Sustainableprotection of the environment

The Platform Group is passionate about the environment. Sustainable actions conserving our resources are part of the agenda. Whenever possible, we rely on eco-friendly options. We focus on improving our quota of returns which is constantly below the average in the respective industry and optimize processes by using respective technology. Thus, we decrease the amount of sent packages and the accompanying environmental impact through shipping. Furthermore, the company does not maintain huge warehouses that require a lot of space. Every product will be sent from our partner’s storage.


Sustainability also means the sustainable growth of a company. Next to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the area of logistics and the preservation of city centres, a sustainable corporate management is most important to a future-oriented company. On the one hand, this sustainability is based in the diversity of all employees, who with their different nationalities and various cultures sustainably contribute to TPG’s success. On the other hand, a key cornerstone of sustainable management are the sustainable investments and the compliance with generally recognized principles of good corporate governance. An additional aspect are the brands that find their way to the customer through our platforms: We pay attention to the sustainable orientation of the offered goods. Furthermore, with our platform Greenlocal we offer an assortment of sustainable products by specifically selected stationary retailers committed to sustainability.