About Us


The Platform Group AG is one of the leading platform groups in Europe and uses high quality software solutions to connect partners with eCommerce. The company operates with software-based platform solutions that can be used universally in almost all sectors and industries. The TPG currently operates 22 platforms in 20 different sectors, which allow connected partners (retailers and manufacturers) to list their products simultaneously on more than 50 online channels. The TPG covers all services from content and pricing to delivery and customs.


Industries include among others the machinery trade, dental technology, car platforms, luxury fashion and furniture. The products are purchased by B2B and B2C customers. TPG offers a unique full-service package consisting of software solutions, logistics, marketing, customer support, payment as well as a strong reach to the customer to achieve sustainable and consistent growth and survive in a predominantly digital world. To drive this vision forward and make it real more than 680 employees at 15 locations worldwide are part of the TPG family.

active in 14 European countries and 20 different sectors
> 350 premium and luxury brands


Through its platform and software solutions The Platform Group AG has built a unique ecosystem to digitize our partners (retailers and manufacturers) and pave the way for online trading. Our software solutions have been developed over a period of 10 years. They can be implemented in different industries and are directed at B2B as well as B2C customers. The goods are always sold via The Platform Group AG, so that all stages of value creation are provided while the partner has minimal effort.


Because of our 20 industrial branches TPG is deeply integrated in our partner’s processes and structures. Furthermore, TPG maps their complete digital online strategy and builds a second stable pillar of revenue in eCommerce for it partners.


The Platform Group AG is active with more than 22 platforms for B2B and B2C in 20 industrial branches. The company was launched in 2012 with the platform schuhe24.de, when the founder and current CEO Dr. Dominik Benner had the idea of selling shoes not only his family’s well-known local store, but also online. Furthermore, he offered his idea as a platform solution to other retailers. Back then, the situation was similar to today: Local retailers had no employees with a background in eCommerce, they did not have content to commercialize and no expertise in the areas of online marketing and programming. The idea was to establish a platform solution that fully maps eCommerce for the partners instead of just offering an online shop or an interface for marketplaces.


That way Dr. Benner managed the digital transformation of his own historic family business. Since then, the company has been growing steadily is using the concept to conquer other branches in the B2C as well as B2B sectors, including fashion & accessories, furniture, cars, bicycles, dental technology, heavy machinery, healthcare and many more.


In 2022 TPG invested in Fashionette AG, a German-based leading provider of luxury accessories. In November 2023 Fashionette AG merged with TPG and the company was renamed The Platform Group AG.


More than 20 different industries are part of the TPG portfolio. Each platform manages to fully exploit the potential of eCommerce thanks to the TPG’s software solutions and targeted marketing, without neglecting stationary retail. For example, fashion lovers can get to know the whole world of fashion on various marketplaces, all operating in different price segments. Schuhe24, Outfits24 and Taschen24 present products in the segment of standard prices, whereas platforms like fashionette aim at customers in the luxury segment. In the car industry, for example, the platform Lott offers a huge assortment of car parts to B2B and B2C customers alike.


With its unique concept, The Platform Group AG connects partners from the analog sector with the online world. The concept is based, among other things, on a self-developed software that enables partners to sell their products online on various online channels. That way they are able to set up a fully functional business in eCommerce within a short period of time, without having to create their own online store or hiring employees for eCommerce. With just one click they can go live on more than 50 channels. The Platform Group takes care of data maintenance and the customer support. TPG employees from the Merchant Support Center are in constant contact with all partners and enable a smooth onboarding.

> 10 years of eCommerce experience
> 1.000.000 products


The targeted marketing of each platform in the B2B and the B2C sector and their respective products is carried out by highly motivated marketing professionals of the TPG. The goal is to push all online shops strategically, while offering personalised marketing services. SEA and SEO experts optimize the visibility of the online shops, newsletter specialists and social media experts drive sales with the help of close contact to the customer while creating brand awareness. In affiliate marketing our marketing professionals ensure monetary success for the platforms through selected partnerships with publishers. All of the partners can rely on the vast experience and creativity of passionate online marketing experts.