Compliance& Code of Conduct

At the working basis of The Platform Group are all applicable regulations and laws. These are the prerequisite for acting reliably towards our partners and being perceived by them as a trustworthy partner ourselves. Our rules of compliance protect the integrity of all employees, customers, and business partners alike. Our compliance management makes an important contribution to the value creation of the company and its sustainable growth. At the same time, it strengthens the security and the reliability between our partners and customers and our company. The Platform Group AG relies on long-term business relationships at eye level. A central component of compliance management are clear rules for preventing corruption. All cases of suspected corruption are investigated. Processes and guidelines will be adapted where necessary.


The business success of TPG depends on the heterogeneity of the group of employees. Collegial cooperation, consideration for one another and a sense of responsibility for each other and for the community are at the heart of this success. Since the founding of the first shoe store by the Benner family back in 1882, a code of ethics has been implemented which focuses on the social economic activity in a global context, the respectful treatment of third parties, and social interaction. The Platform Group AG offers all its employees equal opportunities and an appropriate renumeration in line with national standards. In addition, this renumeration as well as social benefits are in line with the national economy and national or local legal requirements, respectively. Social benefits include company pension and healthcare.

Transparency along the supply chain

Social economic action within a global context also reflects in the transparency and responsibility along the supply chain. Service providers and suppliers are sensitized through transparent dialogue. The Platform Group AG maintains constant open contact with all parties along the supply chain. That way, the company secures a high-quality and efficient cooperation without neglecting environmental or social demands.


The Platform Group AG appreciates and values its employees. The company assumes social responsibility for its employees in the form of opportunities for business and individual development. Experience, ideas and suggestions should be freely and fairly exchanged and encouraged. All employees are obliged to ensure a safe and clean environment and pleasant working atmosphere. Working conditions and treatment methods that violate national and international laws and practices, such as any form of child labour or forced labour, are prohibited. This also applies to any form of bullying, intimidation or harassment.


All employees are expected to behave ethically and treat each other with respect. The reputation of the Platform Group AG should be maintained and cultivated in every business activity and business relationship. Respect and reliability are the cornerstones of our actions. The personal rights of all employees must be respected at all times. Any form of discrimination, whether based on ethnicity, age, religion, ideology, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, a disability or any other characteristics, is strictly prohibited.


We commit to comply with legal regulations and moral standards towards our partners and cooperations as the basis for a trustworthy and strong business relationship. The corporate image of The Platform Group AG is always maintained in our daily business and represented to the outside world. A fair and healthy competition is part of our company’s strategy. To act successfully and in a market-oriented manner is our main goal. In doing so, we also rely on our partners and memberships. We trust our partners and they can place their trust in us. The Platform Group AG exclusively works with serious business partners. Acting within the legal regulations as well as refraining from illegal financing opportunities is part of this cooperation. The Platform Group AG and all employees commit to comply with laws of money laundering and to report any suspicions of money laundering immediately.