The Platform Group has grown strategically through the development of platforms as well as through strategic investments in and takeover of other companies. TPG covers 20 different industries with software and platform solutions. Our goal is to make further 3 – 8 acquisitions per year to implement the platform approach in additional industrial branches and enable profitable growth. Our objective in the medium term is to expand to 30 sectors and achieve a Gross Merchandising Volume of EUR 1 billion with a profitable return level of 7 – 10% margin annually (EBITDA margin).


Alongside our growth strategy, software development is a key cornerstone of our strategy. Over the past decade, we have invested considerable amounts in the millions and designed a software solution applicable in various industries. It is important to us that most of this software is developed by inhouse software developers. Thus, we secure our expertise in the long term and make sure there is no other standard solution for online platforms on the market. The investments in our software solution are an important contribution to strengthen our competitive position and tying partners to us.
Internationalization is the third area in which the company wants to grow strategically to open up new sales channels in various countries for both B2B and B2C markets. Currently 80% of sales are generated in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland (DACH region), our medium-term objective is to achieve more than 40% of the revenue outside of the DACH region. We have already taken important measure and consistently increased the proportion of foreign sales within individual industrial branches. We organize the growth in new regions in ways that do not negatively affect the cash flow and the profitability of TPG.